The Wellington regional Youth Committee

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Camp Rules

Camp Rules:

  • To conduct yourself in a Christian manner.
  • Minimum age is 15 years before or at camp.
  • Permission is needed from a committee member to leave camp at any time. Please stay within the camp site boundary, as will be explained at camp.
  • No alcohol, non-prescription drugs, weapons, explosives or firearms of any kind are allowed at camp.
  • Smoking – There is an area set aside for smoking. We don’t want to encourage others to start or continue smoking so please refrain from making it a social area. If you need to smoke use the designated area and then rejoin camp activities immediately.
  • No guys in girls cabins, and no girls in guys cabin. This rule isn’t new, shouldn’t be hard to follow.
  • No cellphones during studies, singing or meals etcetera.
  • No music devices outside the cabins or during studies, singing, meals etcetera.
  • Attend your group duties.
  • Please observe the rules of the camp site, which will be explained at camp.
  • Abide by any reasonable requests given to you by the Committee or Camp Parents.
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